Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer

  Product Description:
Our oil-immersed distribution transformer (35kV or below) has superior performance including high reliability, low power loss, low noise, stable electric performance, compact and small size, and long durability. And it is widely used in urban and rural power grids. We especially offer oil-immersed transformers especially designed for railway system.
  Rated Voltage: 10 kV, 35 kV 
     Rated Capacity: ≤ 2500A kVA(10kV);≤1600kVA (35kV)
  For more detailed information please refer to Technical Data:
10 kV S13 3-phase Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer
35 kV S13 3-phase Oil-Immersed Transformer
 10 kV Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer GB/T 6451-2008  
 35 kV 3-phase Oil-Immersed Transformer GB/T 6451-2008